Smokey Bones’ Gluten Free Menu

It seems how to eat out Gluten Free is a theme for today 🙂

The fiance informed me that we should go get some BBQ tonight and I just so happen to have a $10 off coupon for one of our favorite places, Smokey Bones! I decided to do a little research first to see what I could eat that would fit into the Gluten Free regimen and found a great little blog with a copy of the Smokey Bones Gluten Free menu…without further’s the menu!

Menu items should be ordered with recommended sides only with NO BREAD. 

The Menu Items:

House Green Salad, crisp salad greens, with grape tomatoes, red onion and peppercorn ranch dressing (NO CROUTONS)

Chicken Caesar Salad (NO CROUTONS)

Baby Back Ribs (full or half rack)

Hand Pulled Pork

Smoked Beef Brisket

Sliced Smoked Turkey Breast

BBQ 1/2 Chicken

10 oz USDA Choice Top Sirloin

NY Strip Steak

RECOMMENDED SIDES: cole slaw, broccoli, apples, mashed potatoes WITHOUT gravy, loaded mashed potatoes, baked potato, loaded baked potato.

Thanks to for posting the menu!


3 thoughts on “Smokey Bones’ Gluten Free Menu

    1. I chose the smoked turkey… along with a loaded backed potato and fiesta corn 🙂 (not sure why fiesta corn isn’t on the list here…I’m hoping there isn’t something hidden in it that has gluten…it’s really just corn and chili peppers) It was delish!

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